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Closet Edit: The Consultation

Before any closet edit, I like to start with a consultation. Without this first step, I would have no idea what changes need to be made for a specific client.  So before I give you some of my closet editing tips, we should have our own consultation! This way, you have a better understanding of what you want and need from your closet.

As Bill Cunningham said, “Fashion is the armor to survive the reality of everyday life.”

Let’s make sure your closet is outfitted with the right armor to tackle your everyday!


Closet Editing Tips- Dream Closet

Unfortunately not my closet. Jenna Lyon’s Closet Via Pinterest.

First question that I usually ask is “What is your dream Closet?”

Like every woman out there I swoon at these luxurious closets that are filled will millions of high heels, and glamorous gowns. Usually, these lavish stocked up rooms, are what I’m told is a dream closet- but is that realistic? Taking a little dose of reality, ask yourself again- Defined by the life you live and the space you have, What is your dream closet?



 Now that we’ve redefined your “Dream Closet” is,  what’s your Lifestyle?-

During the week: What does your day to day consist of? What field are you working in? Do you have to walk a lot or are you at a desk?

On the weekends: Do you spend more time out at night, or more of a brunch with the ladies gal? If you week is split 60% “Work” and 40% “Play,” then so should your closet.

Now, let’s chat Personal Style-

Go into your closet and pick out your absolute FAVORITE pieces. Now looking at those pieces you can’t live without, describe your personal style. Does your lifestyle and personal style match? Every piece of clothing in your closet should represent you, from work to play. I have seen way too many closets that are totally schizophrenic! Don’t give up your style when it comes to your work clothes! After all, you spend more time at work than any where else!

Lastly, let’s chat Pros and Cons-

What do you like about your clothes, and what do you hate?

What pieces do you feel you are missing?  Make a list of what you’ve been dying for, that way you’ll be less likely to make impulse purchases. Use tools like Polyvore or Pinterest to see what pieces leave a lasting impression on you.

Is your clothes stuffed so tight it’s hard to see what you have? Compare the space you have versus the amount of clothes you have. The more cluttered the space, the bigger the purge!

Does the layout make sense? Are your everyday pieces right on hand? Make note of where you always go to in your closet; so when you are done purging, you can replace everything in a logical spot.

Do you have adequate storage? If the storage you have doesn’t work, make a trip to the Container Store! It’s nice to solve as many problems before you start to put your closet back together.


Before you listen to anyone’s closet editing tips, be sure to take note of what you need from your closet! What does your life demand from your closet?

Now we can start The Purge!

‘Til next time!

Have a Happy!

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